Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple Things~ November 16th

From a metaphysical point of view, the more complicated an approach or a doctrine is, the lower its vibration and the less light of truth it imparts. The more complicated we choose to make our lives the more unhappy we are and the more we tend to complain. Our jam-packed schedules, our televisions blaring with bad news and desperate people clawing at the spotlight, our closets and drawers and basements overflowing with crap we don't even remember we have do nothing but lower our vibrations and contribute to our round-robin illnesses. If we want to be happy, as most of us say we do, we need to choose a more light approach to our lives. We need to choose to be more simple.

We need not worry our lives will become dull should we make more room for simplicity. True glamour is uncomplicated, true love is straight forward, and nothing is less complicated than fun. We need to have more fun. We are so blasted serious and self-absorbed, we are ruining our lives and our planet. We need to shut off the electronic world more often and play with our kids and our pets. We need to ride the rides and howl at the moon and not give a fling what anyone thinks. We need to play at whatever makes us lose time and flash our teeth to the world.

Simple things, simple ways, and simple, glorious love will bring lightness back to our hearts. Let's release the crap, let's learn to play, let's choose to live in our truth.

Simple Things is brought to you by the warm and lovely Christina of Soul Aperture fame. Click HERE for a list of other bloggers offering their views on simplicity. Thank you, Christina, for the opportunity to play along with your cuteness.


  1. Ahh, yes I love this. Yes I do!
    I am standing here, allowing your words to greet me.

  2. Excellent thoughts. This is true...with all that we have and keep accumulating it makes it harder to remember that the simple life, the simple pleasures mean more than all we could ever amass in "things".

  3. so beautifully said! im very prone to riding rides & flashing our teeth to the world! simply radiant! sending so much loveliness

  4. Well said. That said, turning off my computer now to go play.
    I"m emailing you on Wednesday. xox

  5. Your photos bring back childhood memories and cotton candy! They make me so happy. Your words of wisdom speak to the "adult" me and that's not a bad thing at all. I'm headed for the basement to clear some clutter. Thank you!

  6. I don't know what that ride is in the top photo, but i know i wanna be on it now!

  7. good reminder! i could go for a ride on the top one right now, as long as it's not too spinn-y (my tummy is not good with that).

    if the moon was out, i would be tempted to howl at it right now!

  8. you tell it!!! :) I agree

  9. you're so right about all of this. thank you for writing such beautiful thoughts for christina's simple things...i'll definitely be back for a visit here!!


  10. Beautiful and gorgeous sentiments.

  11. BRAVO! Great post, quite simple. I love your approach and the photos are wonderful.

    Beautiful blog.

    I'll be back....


  12. I love your post on the simple things-it really made me think. I do have too much stuff and try to cram in too many things when all I really need are loved ones and a few books and art supplies!


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