Sunday, November 15, 2009

Simmering In The Swell

I am swollen; with emotion, with love, with a mind roving at 83 miles per hour. I am thinking of letting myself burst. Not yet. Not yet. Maybe soon.

I have spent so much time, God, so much time holding myself back, keeping my dream-soaked soul in a box. The reasons are commonplace. The excuses, boring and tinged with wisps of apathy. There have been too many small thoughts of what I would lose, not what I would gain should I dare to polish my essence and shine it three hundred sixty degrees.

But now, I am swollen. Because of a man, a how-did-this-happen choice of a man. He is pulling my soul out of its box and daring me to examine the facets, the gifts I have not yet revealed to even myself. I am in the throes of teenage crush giddiness, yet I am calm and assured as a woman in love for forty years.

I am in new territory and I am happy to be here. Let me be clear, I asked to be here. Ripe with possibility, courageous enough to let go of what is in order to embrace the glorious, yet-to-be-known. I am simmering in the swell. I am preparing myself to burst the box. I am acquainting myself with my own brand of shine.

{p.s. I have heard from the Gypsy King twice since he had to leave. He is well and I have been a giddy fool each time I've heard his voice.}


  1. Oooohhhh, what a wonderful, fabulous, light-shining-on-a-prism post. Oh yes!!! I cannot stop smiling!

    :) Debi

  2. Ohhhw let that box burst my dear. Set your soul free into the world of love. Sweet hugs from me to you.

    ps I'm gladd the Gipsy King is safe and sound.

  3. Beautiful!

    So RIPE!!!

    I will squeal with delight as the bursting love and joy rain down. I am fully prepared to experience the glorious showers all these miles away!

    I celebrate your giddiness :-)

  4. Oh yes, shine Graciel...shine so brightly that we feel it blazing all the way from "there to here" and then ignite us all to shine our own brand of love light out into the world.

    I'm so glad to hear that the Gypsy King is well and safe

  5. i know exactly what you mean about holding back. and it has to stop. we simply have to break out of the box. it's essential! :-)

  6. What a delicious place to be! And how lovely that you're savouring it so, every plump moment...


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