Thursday, November 05, 2009

Go Forth

Today, I am forty five. Today, at last, I give myself permission to be happy. Today, I decide to spread my arms wide, muscles stretched, and welcome the second half of my life. With gusto. No whining about wrinkles and sags, no counting the greys underneath the dye, no looking back. And no regrets.

Today, I shed habits that never served, but stayed too long. Today, I embrace the courage to be the woman I was afraid to be for 44 years. The one who feels no need to apologize for her shine. Or her decisions. Or the rewards for years of hard work.

Even as I held a freshly run over squirrel in my arms this morning, soothing him in his death throes and resting his little body in a nest of fallen leaves, I could feel life beginning. My life. The second I-choose-to-make-glorious half of a life well lived.

Go forth, I tell myself. Trust. Act. Fly.

Post Script: Thank you to each of the lovely ladies who sent me such beautiful wishes in the comment section. I appreciate your time and great kindnesses. Peace to each one of your hearts.


  1. another Happy Birthday, make a wish! xo

  2. Wondered why I didn't see you today.. but noticed it was your special day when I saw the monthly birthday postings. I hope you spent this day in a very meaningful way, doing something you love and pampering yourself silly!

    Shine on!

  3. Here's to many more days and years ahead full of wonder and joy, Graciel. :)

  4. Ahhh. . . I should not be surprised to find our birthdays are only 3 days apart. There are many years though - I will be 56 Sunday. It only gets better, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, even with all the hormone stuff. LOL! You are ahead of where I was at 45 - far ahead. I can only imagine where your wings will take you.

    Happy Happy day!!!

    :) Debi

  5. Happy Birthday!!!
    What a year you have had. I wonder where the next year will find you:)
    May it be full of wonderous things.

  6. Here's to many, many more years to celebrate life and love. I am going to turn 44 in December. I hope that when I turn 45, I am as full of energy and hope and longing for more of all things bright and beautiful as you are. Have a happy, happy, happy night tonight! I hope the Gypsy King figures into your celebration in a big way!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Graciel! How wonderful that that you have gifted yourself with rebirth on this new passage in life. Blessings to you and the beautiful life and love you're creating.

    Huge hugs to you today and yes, it really, really does, just get better and better. When we late bloomers finally bloom, watch out!

  8. Happy Birthday my friend! You Rock. You can Fly. Just spread your wings and let the wind take you were ever your heart wants you to go. Be Happy as I will be it for you. Sweet tight hugs from me to you on this special day. Dagmar XXX


    I love the LIFE that breathes through this post!

    I feel the same gusto within myself these days. And I am SO blessed to have your presence and inspiration in my life.

    Many, many blessings to you, dear special soul, for the LIGHT you SHINE in this world.

    (thank you for taking the time to be with the squirrel as it moved on from this life. your courageous and compassionate acts do not go unnoticed.)

  10. Happy Birthday Lovey...just wait until you get your present :)

  11. Anonymous11/06/2009


    What an auspicious time for you. Great things happening and greater things to come.

    Much peace & bliss to you!

  12. Yes, yes, yes!!! What a great way to welcome a new year, a new Graciel... happy, blessed, joyful wishes in celebration of you!

    "Trust. Act. Fly." Yes!

  13. I hope you've had a wonderful day today celebrating YOU! And here's to many more.....

  14. Happy birthday to you! I love your outlook. Poor little squirrel. At least he had someone to love him at the end.

  15. Happy Birthday, Graciel. I hope 45 brings all the beauty, love and adventures you wish for and more.

  16. I hope you had as beautiful a birthday as this photo!


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