Monday, November 02, 2009


It's hard to stay grounded and present in each moment when you miss some one so much. My energy is low. My emotions are high. We talk every day. But still. My feet are not on the ground since coming home from Istanbul.

Here's my solution~ focus on art. I love art. I need art. Art makes me happy. I need to happily make art and use it to rejoin the present. Luckily, my favorite collage artist, Misty Mawn, has offered an online painting/collage class and I am now among her few and eager students. The class is about painting in layers. How appropriate. Because any worthwhile experience will reveal layers of itself the more it is examined and digested. So I will learn to paint layers as I continue to peel Turkish ones back.

Guess what? It's Monday and I'm inspired by layers.


  1. Hi Graciel, so peel a layer off every day and things will be pretty okay for you the next coming week. lots of love Dagmar

    ps. Yes only 6,5 months and we will meet, can't wait eighter.

  2. Oh my, how my heartfelt thoughts are with you. I cannot imagine what you are going through, dear kindred.

    Yes, art...a good focus.

    The Dark Night of the Soul book encourages me to focus on BEAUTY. Whenever, wherever, however I can find and soak it in.

    Shall we do a 'Beauty Week' on our blogs sometime soon ~ to soothe and nourish our (albeit differently) restless souls?

    p.s. Your first photo in this post is now my desktop wallpaper :)


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