Sunday, December 30, 2012

so this is how it ends

there is so much to say about 2012,

but i cannot find the words.

mr. cohen found them for me...

"it's a cold and it's a broken


  1. Yes yes and well, yes.
    It is cold and broken. A monumental year for you G.
    May 2013 bring us together again and this time with no distractions but a bottle of wine and the time to sort out the worlds problems.

    Happiest dear G, happiest!
    2013 is yours.

  2. What a beautiful way to end the year:) This is a classic and gentle song that never fails to carry your heart away.

  3. i started to cry about a minute in and couldn't stop. it ends with the voice of an angel.


  4. Perfect choice!!

    This song (especially HER version of it) has rocked my world since I first heard it! And having the chance to see/hear her sing it live in person (June 2011) was such a special event. I cried BIG tears as she crooned.

    Thank you so much, dear kindred, for writing your way through 2012 ~ and sharing your Journey with us here. You have touched my heart and inspired me more than you will ever know.

    I hope we have the chance to reconnect in person in the New Year. :)



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