Monday, December 24, 2012

advent {day 24}

altar carving in my mother's childhood church~ northern germany

my mother's favorite day.
and it arrived without her.

i admit to being a bit sad,
but not for reasons you might think.

i wish the season was longer this year.
these 24 days have flown by.

i have been enjoying myself,
much to my surprise.

i have participated and said yes,
marveled at lit houses, 
moved through the inevitable tears,

and kept going.

there was even dancing to a horrible hawiian holiday song
 in the backroom at work with my friend.

things are less heavy than they used to be.

there is joy for the taking.

she is here.


  1. i wish i'd read this on the 24th. it makes my heart smile and open up. she is with you. i know.

  2. Yes, sorry for missing this as well (stupid flu)
    She was there, dancing too. Stay in the season as long as you want to :)

  3. Christina Rainville12/27/2012

    Thank you for pulling me up with you this holiday, we can dance anytime! You would be the first friend I've danced with in ages! Its an incredible honor don't you know ;)


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