Wednesday, December 05, 2012

advent {day 5}

tea lounge at the Bellocq Atelier, Brooklyn, NY

Tea is a daily repast for me. Even in the height of summer. But it takes on an urgent need as cold weather draws down and the holidays gear up. My favorite teas, bar none, are hand crafted organics from Bellocq.

Never mind that I'm related to 2 of the geniuses behind this savvy company, I would worship these teas regardless.

Guess what? 2 of their teas, a gift set, made it on...wait for it...Oprah's Favorite Things gift list 2012.
Champagne problems for a young company; they're being swamped! 

Could I be any more proud? I don't think so.

And doesn't this new concoction make you want to break out a plateful of cookies and your best Santa mugs?

Tea. It's what's for Christmas.

Bellocq Atelier, Brooklyn, NY


  1. this is like a fabulous foreign language to me - a tea lounge?! oh my! here in my small texas town, the coolest we get is starbuck's, and i don't do starbucks, except for one of their teas which i think they no longer make, and which i buy over the internet. this is exotica to me! congratulations to all!!

  2. Yay! for them, this makes me so happy. Their teas really are some of the best I've ever had. I think of you every time I open those brown paper packages. Happy sipping!

  3. Tea is one of my favorite things. Lovely post, Graciel. I hope all is well with you. That's wonderful news about your friends tea.

  4. I would love visiting here.


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