Monday, December 03, 2012

advent {day 3}

And so this is Christmas.

My attempt at holiday decor after years of
simply leaving it up to my Mother to
provide the glitz and the beauty.

With nosy cats in the house, a traditional tree isn't
 practical if ornaments are to survive the season.

A branch and a few baubles will have to do.

The space atop my Oma's old bookcase had to be filled,
leaving no room for over-fed felines to lunge
 their way to decor destruction.

It is not a fool-proof plan. But it survived it's first night.
Fingers are crossed. Expectations are low.

Onward and forward, ho-ho-ho.


  1. well. from the emma tree side of things, a branch just can't be beat, and yours is gorgeous. from the debi side of things, i'm betting the cats are laying plans as we speak . . .


  2. It's lovely. Feels natural. Crossing my fingers too!

  3. I love it. My cats were all "helping" me decorate yesterday... Last year things went okay with the tree, we'll see what happens this year. It's always a gamble, fingers crossed for us all! xoxo


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