Tuesday, December 28, 2010

there is too much sugar

there is stillness and formulation and
scribbles of what i'd like to invoke.
there is too much sugar coursing through my veins.
there is a need for rest.
and the need to gently let go.


  1. it starts with scribbles. even if you keep them inside. always.

    rest. let go. then let the invoking begin.


  2. As I recline on the sofa, beautiful violin music on the radio, birds in my view outside the window, everyone content for the moment, your words drop into this peaceful moment and I recognize them as my own longings. Thank you for that.

    The challenge will be to find the quiet and peace to allow my gossamer scribbles to get written down amongst all the needs and longings of those around me.

  3. yes. that is exactly what there is, too much sugar. but we will get there, that rest and that letting go. it will be bittersweet.


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