Tuesday, December 14, 2010

advent calendar 14

it was raining when it should have been snowing.

the street was empty when there should have been crowds.

the much-lauded, vintage decorations were disappointing,
 some, more suited for all hallow's eve.

but we went, even when it made no sense to go.

we made our own fun with cameras in hand.

and we laughed.

Even when it shirks logic and comfort.
Go find out for yourself.
Be surprised.
Let it be good.

Your thrill with this world is up to you.


  1. yes, yes, yes!!! i love this all! what is that old zen saying? something about go, see? i am blank, can't remember - it will come to me later.


    wow! i am getting fabulous word verifications this morning. for you, right now, i have systr. oh yeah!

  2. It is up to us, always. Love the first photo.
    Love to be surprised.


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