Tuesday, December 21, 2010

advent calendar 21

the flame in your heart, 
your golden heart,
is the sun whose return
we await.

Happy Winter Solstice


  1. the sun who warms us and nurtures us and breathes life into us. yes.

  2. Beautiful!!!

    Thanks :)

    I needed this today.


  3. Yay I think this may be my favorite day of the year - more light is much needed by me... Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

  4. Graciel, I am enjoying your advent calendar so very much, it is truly beautiful and full of Christmas spirit :)

  5. the days begin to lengthen, as i said in my post. i always feel better when we reach this point - autumn behind us, winter just a breath away from spring.
    i love this image, by the way. it is all i want christmas to be. a candle, a flame.


  6. this was such a sweet thing to say, Gracie that my eyes were blurry reading it two, three, four times. Happy Winter Solstice to you, too, dear.

  7. Thanks for sending me some light. I'll reflect it back to you my friend.
    Hugs D.


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