Thursday, December 16, 2010

advent calendar 16

christmas has come early for me. it came via istanbul,
from the lovely nihal of crossroads blog.
nihal offered a little give-away back in november
and the stars aligned for me to be chosen.
what arrived was a beautifully presented compact disk
of tarkan's fabulous turkish groove.
{excuse me, but is he not seriously hot?}
along with the music came a hand-made origami crane,
a coin, a turkish tea bag and a wee note.

thank you, dear nihal. i love all of it.
burl ives and bing will now have to wait,
i've got a new way to get toasty this season.


  1. first - yes. seriously hot! second - what fun. :) :)

    no doubt you will stay warm!


  2. you are so cute. I'll keep Burl Ives warm until you need him. :)

  3. Dear Graciel,
    WONDERFUL cast of your gift! Who made them all for you, lol;) Your happiness definitely doubles my happiness. May your Christmas be filled with joy, love and peace. Hope all your dreams come true.

    Oh before forgetting, your German grandmother? Our family members from my mother's side (3-generations) are in Germany, too. I love their state, the south of Germany, Stuttgart, the home of Mercedes and Porsche. Yes, the Europeans knit mostly one color socks. But in Turkey it is always heavy and colorful socks. Finding them in Istanbul is impossible. I collected (+still collecting) them during my trips in Anatolia. Mainland as we call Anatolia is the home for knitted socks, you have to travel inside, to the small villages. It will take your time but will worth, to meet Anatolian people and feel their unique hospitality will amaze you:)

    Again thanks so much for your so beautiful photos and sweet words, have a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones, xoxo.


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