Wednesday, December 01, 2010

advent calendar 1

a treasured tradition of my childhood holidays is the advent calendar. one little door to open or one small gift to unwrap for the 24 days leading up to christmas. this season, i offer a countdown calendar, of sorts, for you. 24 days of random images, maybe a saying or a poem, possibly some longer posts that need to spill out of my heart. each day, a little door to open with the click of your mouse.

join me, if you will.

{i took this photo at the swamps while watching the canada geese. this image is my reminder that in the colder, darker days of the year, truth and purity of the self is the focus. those things that are hidden, those things about ourselves that make us cringe and shy away from public view, are very often, the most beautiful parts of ourselves in disguise. the bones of our soul have a magic of their own. and the light. in the darkest days of the year is the time to make our own light.}


  1. We used to have chocolate advent calendars as children and my brother would always pinch the chocolate and close the doors back up. :0)

    My husband has a chocolate calendar this year and I have an advent candle. My sister had to ship me one from the UK because I can't seem to find them here in the US.

  2. i love this idea, and have thought of doing something like this myself (no surprise, huh?) but have been curled into an emotional fetal position this past week, paying way too much attention to myself.

    i will join you. i will probably post each evening though. advent calendar evening 1, etc.

    a nice way to end my day.

    thank you for this. MUCH needed.


  3. Ooooooo! Great post!

    I very much look forward to following your Advent trail. :)


  4. yes, love this, i have already joined reverb10, but i will follow along with your calendar, and others, looking for those little gifts each day.
    and you do, make your own light.

  5. This reminds me of something my friend said...she has a vase which was intentially made with cracks. I haven't seen it but she tells me the cracks are what make it beautiful.

    We talked about how God's light shines through our it is the broken places, the places we have hurt, failed, stuggle with...our weaknesses...that God does his most powerful work through.

    (2 Corinthians 12:9 )

  6. following you from emmatree and Mrs. M.
    a fine idea. i don't blog, but will post a picture each day of December on my picturetrail for the advent.
    thank you for the thoughts.


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