Saturday, December 18, 2010

advent calendar 18


there is no scene nor season that is more extraordinary than you.


  1. Anonymous12/19/2010

    so i read your blog bout the owls and i have a question. i was driving home the other day and i saw an owl on my right side sitting on a fence post it was like 4pm... i love owls so i was excited! what could it have meant?

  2. dear anonymous,

    the right side of most things represents the male aspect (the left is the female aspect). an owl on your right could mean that a masculine approach to a current situation in your life is called for. not male action, as the owl was stationary, but male wisdom and ingenuity. at 4pm, it is still daylight, so the situation the owl nods to is right out in the open, as opposed to secretive or subconscious. watchfulness and paying vigilant attention will reveal the situation, if you do not yet know what it is.

    but i wonder, are you siting on the fence about making a decision in your life? if so, apply logic and reason (both male traits) to assure the best outcome.

    hope this helps!



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