Thursday, July 01, 2010

SPCA No Kill Adoption Center

miss ashley

Blue and Creamsicle are in very good company. Make that adorable company. I want you to see some of the faces of the cats at the SPCA No Kill Adoption Center at Eastern Hills mall in Clarence, NY. Along with our boys of color, I want each and every cat to be adopted. Most especially, the older ones.

I want to tell you about Miss Ashley. She has been with Sue, the cat whisperer, at the shelter for  5 years. 5 years! She was adopted once, but returned 3 weeks later because she hid under a bed the whole time. Let me tell you, Miss Ashely is soft as silk and happily allowed me to pet her. All she needs is someone with a big heart and patience enough to let her be who she is. I saw for myself she is lovable and sweet.

Miss Ashley is a bhodisatva, a compassionate being here to assist the brave and willing in becoming their best possible self. She is a teacher,  a way-shower. I recognize her because I, myself, have adopted a bhodisatva cat auspiciously named, Buddha. Animals, such as Miss Ashley and my Buddha, make humans more human. They clearly demonstrate through their tender and special needs where we as individuals need to love ourselves more. They offer us the opportunity to see ourselves mirrored in their actions and reactions. They offer us the option  to learn loving kindness towards them and accept them as they are, so we are then capable of showing the same to ourselves. I guarantee you Miss Ashely is cheaper than  therapy.

Please consider adopting an older cat. Please consider adopting Blue and Creamsicle, or Miss Ashley or any of the hard-to-resist cats at the SPCA No Kill Center. If you can't adopt at this time, please consider visiting the center and dropping off a donation of paper towels or Purina dry cat food or canned cat food or bleach or old towels or laundry detergent or lemon-scented pine sol. If you don't live in Buffalo, NY, please consider dropping off any of these needed items at the shelter nearest you.

p.s. Thank you to all the sweet souls who have visited with Creamsicle and Blue...


  1. Oh my, such sweet faces. I'm glad they are in a safe, clean environment, but it is so sad that there are so many cats without homes and someone to love them. I'm sure they have a lot of love to give back.

  2. What a happy group of faces. And Miss Ashley! What a beauty - apparently in soul as well. I plan on adopting an older cat when I reach the "new cat" stage - you just decided me. I have always said that I liked cats best anyway, that you have to put with a kitten if you want a cat - LOL! Not so. :) So, barring unforeseen circumstances, you have made up my mind. It will be a while, but the time will come.


  3. You are such a kind soul. As you know, I am way past maximum capacity with six, but yes, I hope they all find wonderful, loving homes. With your help their chances have increased tenfold. Maybe one hundred fold. They are all beautiful.

  4. what a beautiful perspective to have with "special needs" kitties! your heart inspires me.

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