Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love For Creamsicle

chin up, sweet cream

investigating the lens

snuggled with brother blue

lots and lots and lots of pets

could they be any cuter?

we're all good

Over at the SPCA No Kill Adoption Center in the Eastern Hills mall, there's a sign-up sheet for a rapidly growing club. It's the  Blue-Skidoo Fan Club. It seems our baby Blue has blossomed and his emerging personality is charming the socks off more than a few humans, most notably the lovely lady in charge, Stephanie. She and Blue are no less than smitten with each other and it was she who received the very first honor of having Blue roll over to show his belly for petting. I saw the belly roll with my own eyes, heard his purr and his sweet, little voice  and even had the pleasure of holding Blue myself. With his cross-eyed good looks and expanding sense of trust, Blue is headed for rock-star status.

Yesterday, when I visited the boys, my focus was on Creamsicle. He is making wonderful progress, in my opinion. He did not try to hide under Blue's chin when I reached in to pet him, but instead, kept his own chin up and his ears alert. I stroked him for a long time, paying special attention to his face. And after awhile, he purred for me. That little gift made my day.

The boys are getting such good care from Stephanie and her lady volunteers. The opportunity to visit them regularly and help to socialize them has been a balm for my soul. It will be a bittersweet day when they find a permanent home. 

In the meantime, please stop in to see the boys and let them know they're loved. (Chances are you'll run into my friend, Elaine, who stops in to help with socializing). Sign up to be a member of the Blue-Skidoo Fan Club. And if you are able, please consider bringing a donation of wet or dry cat food, clumping cat litter, paper towels, cleaning supplies or old fashioned cash. There's even a green and yellow fund raising recycle bin just outside the mall doors for your old magazines, catalogs and newspapers. When the bin is full the adoption center receives money in exchange. Clear your clutter and help the cats. (The Smithsonian mags swimming in the bin are mine...)


  1. They are doing great, it is so nice to see their progress...Blue is completely adorable. Creamsicle looks almost exactly like a cat that hangs out in my backyard, she belongs to the neighbors out back, but she comes up to play with our kitties and beg for food, she won't let me touch her, yet.

  2. Cats are such great models for photos but also for paintings. I am painting through synesthesia which makes me see colors when I hear names and numbers. These colors I transform in paintings. Colors are my life.

  3. oh, they look so gooood!!! and sound like they are doing so well. i have been asking maggie's spirit to help out re: the courage issue, to whisper a whisper in their ears, especially creamsicle's. LOL! i have no idea if she would pay attention to such a request, but i ask it anyway. :)


  4. Hi Graciel, I finally got the chance to meet the boys in person!!I was rewarded with a hand sniff from Mr. Cream himself! Blue on the other hand was busy napping and couldnt be bothered with company. See you next week, Lynn


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