Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Joy Project~ fur love

It's the summer of my joy project and there's no surprise, cats are on the project list. I stopped in to see Blue and Creamsicle the other day at the adoption center. I brought some on-sale wet cat food and paper towels. I intended to stay a short time; a few pets, a quick hello, off I go. Except there were 3 week old ill kittens being fostered by the volunteer on duty (their mother had been killed by a dog), and the cat room was filled with activity (I had to break up a disagreement) and well ,you know, that Blue and Cream pair must be fawned over and fed their dinner, and back to the kittens who got handed to me after their individual feedings for some love and burping and it was hard to take pictures, one handed, of their squirmy little selves and before I knew it, my short stay was not so short.

But I haven't felt such joy in a long time.


  1. Oh my, I love cats.

  2. Hi beautiful soul, god the needed you there. I'm gladd you visited, and it turned to be a wonderful one.

    I'm in love with the little black and white one, what a sweetie.
    Hugs D.

  3. Poor babies, how traumatic! We have three new kittens to our house, lately, and they DO bring such joy. Kitties are the BEST :)Joy, Joy and more Joy...

  4. Oh my. Stop tempting me. :)
    You are such a good, kind person, and you deserve that joy, perhaps you need it just now, and they need you as well.

  5. Susan Lukaszewski7/03/2010

    you know i'm not a cat person but everytime I read your cat posts my heart warms and a smile comes to my face.

  6. much sweetness!

  7. Anonymous7/05/2010

    I visited the boys today. Actually held Blue for a few minutes. He gently nudged me with his head several times!!!!!! He wants to be loved. <3

    Cream, however, is still not sure. Sue loved him up (after he got a manicure with MUCH protesting) and by the end, he was sooo calm. We're making progress, one day at a time.


  8. Oh, made me smile and warmed my heart :-)


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