Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Blue And Cream Revolution

quality alone time

just look at that face!

door opened, litter box removed, head for safety

reaching in for petting, creamsicle so scared!

blue and creamsicle, relaxed and sleepy after heavy petting

i am in the midst of nothing short of an inner revolution. words have failed me to express the depth and the challenges of my forward movement. my skin feels thin. my world, held in place by decades of thought and will, is being reshaped. a new world requires new thoughts, new attitudes, new eyes unfettered by fear. control must be surrendered in some areas, taken back in others. nourishment is crucial. joy is crucial. sacredness must be rediscovered.

while i side-step forward to god-knows-what, blue and creamsicle are with me. we are all adjusting at a slow pace, but we will each find our permanent home. they are me and i am them, orbiting together, doing our collective best as life expands and changes.

yesterday, at the adoption center, when i reached to the back of the cage to pet the boys, creamsicle cringed. i was told he would hiss at me, but all he did was try to disappear under blue's chin. i began with blue and stroked his face and rubbed his nose and held my hand over the raw spots on his skin to add some healing vibes. blue accepted my touch. slowly, i rested the heal of my hand on blue and began to rub creamsicle's head. he let me. i rubbed his ears and nose. i traced circles on his forehead, quietly chanting, "creamsicle loves to be petted". he visibly relaxed and allowed full-handed pets down his body. i stroked him and chanted for a long time. progress was made. more will come.

the boys are here to remind me of the tenderness and determination with which i must attend to my own needs. if you have followed their story, they are reminding you of the same. patience and love have been, are and will be in order~ for revolution, for freedom from fear, for cream and blue, for me and you.

{ If you're in the Buffalo, NY area, please stop in to the SPCA No Kill Adoption Center at Eastern Hills mall and help the boys become socialized. The sooner they lose their fear of people, the sooner they'll find a home.}


  1. Wait you mean they are at home with you??? I am giddy with excitement for you - will send good thoughts your way...

  2. pam~ no, they are not with me at home. i am not in a position to foster them. sorry for the confusion. i have adjusted my post to more easily convey where they are.

    but your good thoughts are most appreciated!

    xo, graciel

  3. i wish i were there. they would have a home, yes indeed, and they would stay together. i am a good cat whisperer - maybe not as good as you, but no complaints so far - LOL! I am saying extra prayers for you all, but I am especially saying one that Creamsicle & Blue stay together. I am whispering it.


  4. Yes, it would be so wonderful if they could stay together. Every time I look at Blue's face I simply melt.
    Your goodness, your sweetness, comes through in every word, I am sure they can sense it as they let you touch them.
    And I hope that in some way, you are finding the same comfort, finding that joy, that nourishment, that sacredness.

  5. aw, look at them! my heart is warmed that they count on each other so fiercely. i hope they get to stay together.

  6. Wonderful post.

    Poignantly woven together, dear Kindred.

    I am in awe of your unfolding!



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