Monday, July 26, 2010

Help For The Cause

In my recent need to look behind me and ferret-out much of what has been holding me back, I was given lots of help. Most of the help came as a result of my simple (and sometimes pitiful) pleas to the Universe for assistance. I have found throughout the years, if my heart is sincere, the Universe responds quickly and clearly to my requests. The past while has been no exception. Nudges and directives came in perfect order. I acted on each one, and noticed the sun set a little more each day on those shadows of the past.

These words and actions have been particularly poignant and helpful to me:

The Mastery Of Love~ a practical guide to the art of relationship, by Don Miguel Ruiz

The words of Paulo Coelho, especially the sound-bites he throws out on his Facebook page.

Danielle Laporte's blog, White Hot Truth. Scrolling through the archives, I found some life-altering advice.

Cleaning. Like a mad woman.

Respecting and responding to the childhood images that kept popping into my brain, seemingly out of nowhere. Each image was a message of what needed attending in order to move forward.

Keeping my camera handy.

Driving down country roads, enjoying the hell out of the first ever CD player I've had in a car (shocking, but true) and loving the deep red security color. My mantra while driving: "thank me for this wonderful car!".

Doing my hyper-aware best to stay in each moment and noticing the smallest, happy things that come my way.

Crying so hard it scared the cats.

And yesterday, when  things seemed suddenly shiny, a friend with psychic gifts had me stand in front of my white cupboards to read my aura. Blue, surrounded by green, she said. Communication, truth and the heart. She said with a smile, "Your heart is about to burst open."


  1. The universe loves you and your aura and your words, and I too have a CD player in my car for the first time with this one which we just got last year.
    Cycles, you go through them, we all go through them, and when we are at our best, we help each other along.
    Here's to shiny...

  2. And hearts bursting open

  3. you are paying attention and that is a damn hard thing to do, to not look away, but it also means you get to hear music in that new car and you get to see those wonderful small details. communication, truth and the heart. an awesome and powerful trio.

    loving you and that about-to-burst-open heart!

    :) Debi

  4. Yes, all great tools, in my human experience. The being hyper-aware of happiness & not just the crying hard like a river, but the willingness to do so, is what can help sweep us along.
    Love your blue-surrounded-by-green!

  5. Anonymous7/27/2010

    Much love and hugs and peace and courage to you, dear Kindred.

    I *see* you.

    I *honor* you.

    Rock on.

  6. The greatest contribution one can give to anyone is by offering help without expecting for something in return. Helping others already feels great on its own, what more if you’re being appreciated by it.

    Allison Perris


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