Monday, May 25, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays ~ #6

It's a sweet and colorful life.
Inspired by: my own blog. Did I just say that? Yes, I did. This is not shameless self promotion, this is acknowledgement of how dramatically and wonderfully my life has changed over the last 3 years since I have been blogging. I heart Evenstar Art.
This blog is my lifeline. It has connected me to the most astounding people and astounded me at the connection between my self and my Muse. For 3 years, I have obeyed the well of words that have sought to flow up and out of my heart, the words that begged to be born and sometimes shagged me out of bed at unGodly hours to be brought to light. Along the way, a little 3 pixel camera became an extension of the words and combined to tell stories that spoke to the hearts of others.
Small connections began. Slowly people left comments, or left me private emails, or mentioned a post in person. I am not the popular blog on the block, but the comments online and in person have inspired me to keep going. Because it seems we are all in need of encouragement and understanding and love. We all need to know we matter. And my heart wants to be an outlet for goodness in an often fearful and untidy world.
And the most rewarding part of authoring a blog? I can see myself more clearly. I can take ownership of the stuff God gave me to share with the world and feel the impact within me. I can map my upward, spiraling, spiritual growth. I can see my own changes and be inspired to reach for the next rung up my own creative ladder. And I can feel less alone and fearful. Because each post begins as a message of hope and love to me from my Creator. If you have ever cried while reading one of my posts, know I have cried over it first.
So I offer this bit of inspiration~ begin your own blog if you have not already. If you dare to share the well of goodness and creativity in your heart, like me, you will be changed. In ways that will break you wide open and offer an amazing, positive view of yourself to yourself. Belief in yourself will transform the world, within and without. If you are already a blogger, keep going, keep sharing, and dare yourself to spread more love than you previously felt comfortable doing. Comfort will come. So will the rewards of a sweet and colorful life.
p.s. Astounding people? Oh, that would be my blog friends pictured above, Arnie and Suzanne, who reached out to me this past March with an invitation to meet them while they were unexpectedly in Buffalo. I jumped at the chance. Arnie, the live-your-dream-while-you-can musician who has left fabulos comments on my blog, is dashing and compassionate and super-smart in person. Suzanne, who I originally met on Stumble Upon, is one of those rare human beings who, upon meeting, I knew was a soul sister. We spoke as if we had been friends for years. Soul connections found through blogging. I recommend it.
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  1. Fun post :-)

    I wholeheartedly agree with your blogging sentiments. Blogging ~ and all its related facets and benefits ~ have been a HUGE part in the process of saving my own life!

  2. Thanks for sharing, opening your heart to us. LOVE the way you think, speak, breath between your words. It amazes me sometimes what blogging does. Making friends and be close to dear ones is so very special. There just no words to cover what it means to me. HUGS. And be well.

  3. Oh Graciel! How often I think of you and our too-short time together! I do wholly concur with the soul-sister analogy, as I told you that day we met. Arnie and I marvel still at the amazing treat we had of meeting you. We felt especially honored because it may not be within everyone's range of comfort to meet virtual strangers in person. One never knows, does one? ;) But, as imagined by me and by Arnie, we were all made to be friends and beyond. I have your bag of stones and the magic key in my purse, and the beautiful prayer box is on the mantel of the fireplace, at the highest place I could put it. I figured the closer to the heavens, the better. :)

    Namaste, my dear friend, whom I long to see again soon! When I/we are up there again, we'll let you know. And remember the Elephant Sanctuary, and other interesting places in the great state of Tennessee. Our door is always open.

    With so much love,

  4. I have met many amazing people and have learned a great deal about myself from blogging too, Graciel. I enjoyed this post.

  5. Anonymous5/26/2009

    blogging is so good. i am loving 'meeting' so many new interesting folk!


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