Monday, February 09, 2009

Purpose Begins At Home

Each of us has the ability to make a difference in the world. A real and lasting difference. A difference that makes our souls light up and gives purpose to our days. Most people I know want to make a difference, contribute to the greater good or leave their positive mark. Some people I know are fully engaged in living their purpose, some have stretches of time where they feel useful and fulfilled, some are stuck in uncertainty, and some are stuck in the quagmire of self pity. In each of us, though, lies great possibility.
If we could tap into our abilities for sustained lengths of time, the world would be healed. If we could figure out just what we are meant to offer, what talent we possess, what is special within ourselves that completes the outer puzzles, there would be no more questions to ask. There would be only the singular answer to all the whats and hows. That answer would be love~ given freely, reciprocated, circulated, and ever present. If only we could understand, harness and live our purpose out loud.
If we are not fully engaged in living our purpose or lose sight of it on cloudy days, there is an antidote, a way forward, a path to follow. If we care enough to bother. If our soul feels restless enough to "get on with it" before our time runs low. The path to purpose, the way out of uncertainty, lies in the way we treat ourselves.
There will be no greater good served if we refuse to take care of our own good. What we do or do not do for ourselves is what we will do or not do for the world. If we neglect the most basic things in our lives, like eating well and moderately, caring for our clothing, keeping our homes clean and unclogged, the world will also be deprived, by us, of basic goodness and respect. Our purpose, which is meant to bless the world, is only revealed when we show respect for our bodies, minds and spirits. We must be blessings unto ourselves before we can be blessings to anyone or anything else.
Purpose begins at home. Our first home. The home of our self to our self. If we feel restless, unfulfilled, inert to our talents, we need to love ourselves more. Love. Ourselves. More. It is the only path that leads to healing the world. It is the only path to leaving a memorable, sustainable, needful mark. We must choose to do better for ourselves. How we speak to ourselves, how we support ourselves, how we live beyond or within our means, we must become aware and make more loving choices. Over and over again.
When we do right by ourselves, magic happens. Clues and coincidences and happy flutters in our stomachs point us succinctly and quickly to our joy. The path of purpose becomes lit with ten thousand stars. We know what to do and we can't wait to do it. Let's look within and find where we are wanting. Let's supply our own wants and needs. Let's honor and respect, listen to and support ourselves the way we truly deserve. Let's make a real and lasting difference in our own lives. We are adults. We can do this. Let's love ourselves like we've never been loved before. From the overflow of our love, the world will, at last, be healed.


  1. So true, we have to be our own best friend first:)

  2. This is a FABULOUS post!

    Thank you :-)

  3. YES, YES, a thousand times YES!
    We have to "Be the Change We Want to See in the World" - I've heard it a thousand ways in thousand places in the last few months, and I'm payin' attention! You put it all so perfectly, with true heart and intense and beautiful knowledge. Thank you so much!

  4. blackberry2/11/2009

    Thank you.


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