Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Way Of The Buddha

This is my dream come true. My blurry, furry scaredy cat. This is Buddha. We have been together for just over 2 months. In that short time, he has taught me many things. Patience is near the top of the list, due to his skittish ways, after spending 2 years in cat shelters. Trust is one notch above patience, with the lesson it must be earned through repetition of positive, unhurried offerings. At the very top of the list of the teachings of Buddha is the new understanding that dreams come to us disguised.
Last autumn, when I decided to adopt a companion for my young cat, Remmington, I declared a list of wishes to the Universe. This new cat needed to be friendly, lovable and playful. A best friend to Remmi. I asked that the 2 cats would be so bonded they would nap together. I asked for a minimum of disagreements between them. I asked for a non-destructive cat, as Remmi had already done his share to alter the look of my home. Buddha, it turns out, has supplied all that and more.
Although Buddha is still nervous when I am upright or walking, preferring to get his love-pets when I'm less imposing, he is the very best of friends with Remmington. They chase each other, eat out of the same bowl at the same time, hide side by side under my bed, and sleep curled up together on a burgundy, fleece blanket. Remmi licks Buddha's head profusely and has decided that long, stripey tail is his very favorite toy. They have argued once. This feline scenario is everything I asked for.
But I almost didn't recognize it. I declared my wishes for a companion cat, and at the same time formulated a vision of how that wish should be granted. What the qualifying cat should look like and act like from the start. Because of my imposing, controlling visions, I initially dismissed Buddha the first time I saw him. He seemed to offer none of my wishes, cowering behind a chair, even though the little Universal bread crumb trail led me right to him. It took me 3 weeks of scavenging cat shelters, with not a single, viable candidate, to finally understand the Universe chose Buddha to fulfill my wishes. When I was able to let go of how I thought the wish should be granted, the message became loud and clear. And Buddha finally got a home.
From now on, I will live the way of the Buddha. I will ask for my needs and my dreams to be met, but I will cease to impose my own narrow ways on the outcomes and the answers. I will send up my prayers, apply patience and trust in a power much greater than me, and look for fulfillment outside the confines of my ego. I will stop limiting myself. I will stop interfering with the natural flow of goodness. I will open my mind and my heart and let my dreams come true.


  1. You have such a beautiful heart, Graciel. I found my eyes stinging, and a lump in my throat by the time I was done reading your post today. What a beautiful lesson, and so appropriate for me right now. To be open as the beach, waiting and trusting that the treasures we've asked for will come washing are a kindred spirit, I can see that.

  2. sugarfreeseer2/04/2009

    The Buddha speaks volumes, not to mention being a doppleganger for The Pink. He's got the look of royality! High five the paw!

  3. Buddha seems like a wonderful friend and addition to your home. Isn't it amazing how things work out as planned when we allow them to. I'm glad Buddha is bringing you so much joy.

    I have an award for you at my dancing blog when you have time to stop by. :)

  4. Buddha looks just like a kitten we had a couple of years ago. That wonderful sandy colour and long whiskers, he's beautiful, and thankfully he has reached a place of great love and safety now. Rickshaw Bob (don't ask!:))) was our kitten, he was rescued too and bouncy and gorgeous but alas inquisitive about the road that runs not too far from where we live. On his first grown-up night out he was knocked down...I wept buckets.
    Seems like Remmington has taken Buddha to his heart as have you.
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments.

  5. Oh, he is so sweet - his big eyes and wary stare, it's no wonder you are so in love with him. what a beautiful touching post, G, I love it (and now i want a cat-friend even more :) x

  6. This was a really beautiful post. Reminding me of some important things. I have learned a lot of important lessons from cats. But I am writing right now because I wanted to ask an owl question, since in the owl post I came across you said to comment on your latest entry. Today, my roommates and my boyfriend(we are two couples)found a dead great horned owl in a tree in our backyard.There have been a couple of them perching and hooting back there for several months now, and I assume that the one we found is one of them. Incredibly beautiful and also sad! I'm wondering if you have any insight on what this might mean? My boyfriend and I just decided yesterday to move out at the end of this month. I have also been looking for a job for a few months now and seem to be quite blocked in that area. I've read/heard many different things about owls, but I am curious as to the significance of this particular incident, as well as that they have been hanging around our yard for so many months. Could they have been trying to teach us something all this time?
    You can email me at

  7. I am so glad Buddha has settled in. He had such a horrid life. Thanks to you he gets to experience loving care, freedom and security.


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