Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Home For Buddha

10 Lives Club website photo: shy, buff adult male

Nowhere to hide in the kitchen. Yikes!

Behind the door. Not safe enough.

Waaaaayyyyyyyyy in the back of the skinny, old closet. "I think I'm safe. I think I'm safe."

Dear Buddha,
I love you already. I'm sorry it took me 3 weeks from the time we first met to understand we belong together. I was distracted by thoughts of a socially outgoing and adorable cat to keep my rambunctious Remmington company. I have always had cats claim me in obvious ways. You hid behind a chair at the shelter and I dismissed you.
Luckily for both of us, Angels intervened and had my head and heart snapping whenever I saw a buff-colored cat. And then it was the incessant whispers of "Buddha" in my ear until I finally realised I had been thinking of you for a solid week. Yes, at times, I am slow on the uptake, but I have enough Universal training to eventually understand the signs.
I thank God for these uncertain economic times, Sweet Buddha, because they have shifted my priorities. I am now able to let go of my ridiculously strict list of what and what only will make me happy. It is as if my heart has been held tightly in a bud, and now, out of necessity, the restrictions and freedoms of these purposeful times have allowed my heart to fall open in bloom.
In the falling and the opening, I have turned my mind back to you. Suddenly, you became an option. Suddenly, all that mattered was that I take the risk of offering you a home. It makes no difference anymore if you are painfully shy. You need a home and it is the least I can do, as my contribution to a healthier, more lovable planet, to approach you once more and see if you would have me. And, Angels be blessed, you said yes.
When the 10 Lives Club cat shelter told me you had been with them since July of 2007 and before that, you were in a shelter in Indiana, slated for euthanasia, I realised, tearfully, you had been in shelters for most of your 2 and a half years of life. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. But I'm here now. We found each other. Hide as much as you want. Be whoever you are. You are safe. I will love you no matter what. xo
{The Ten Lives Club shelter for cats is in Concord, NY, just south of Boston. They are a no-kill shelter with 300 cats currently in their care.}


  1. susan@80o11/30/2008

    A warm welcome to your new cat. He will now have a lovely home and well worth the wait---he will no doubt someday tell you.

    You are a good soul, Graciel.

  2. sugarfreeseer11/30/2008

    What took you so long, been checking the blog everyday this weekend to see his picture! All he needed were his Red Shoes to get home! Can't wait to meet him, even if there's a closet in between us.

  3. Thank you, thank you for taking in dear Buddha. He needs someone to love him, poor thing. I am sure he has spent most of his life in a cage:(( It is the quiet, unassuming, timid and shy individuals that get left behind yet they need attention the most. I wish you and Buddha a future of soft purrs and and quiet confidences.

  4. It is so wonderful that you and Buddha have found each other. You are both probably just what the other needed. I'm glad for you both. :)


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