Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We Can and We Did

I live in a little red town in a big blue state. I bought 3 newspapers this morning at the tiny convenience store. I interrupted an argument with the local grey-haired population at the check out counter. They said indignantly, "How can he be President?? He's not even an American citizen? He was born in Kenya!" I said, "His father was born in Kenya. He was born in Hawaii." No, no, they kept repeating, the paper says he was born in Kenya! He can't be President! I repeated firmly, his father was born in Kenya. His father was born in Kenya. I wished them all a good day and smiled to myself on the way out the door. Walking past the new sign in the window of my neighbor ~ Forgive us O Lord for our nation~ I clutched those 3 papers to my heart.
Thank you, Mr. Obama, for restoring HOPE and dignity to my country.
Thank you to all the inclusionary-minded citizens of these United States for casting your ballots in favor of progress and change. A special thank you to Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Colorado.
Now, let us dare to raise this man up with the power of our positive thoughts. Let us allow him, through our positive thoughts, to be a great channel for our collective good.
God Bless America. And more importantly, God bless the world.


  1. A new day, a new day, a new day!!! Hurray! :D

  2. An Obama mama here in Florida.


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