Sunday, November 09, 2008

Generous People

The most generous people I know have the least to give. They give a much higher percentage of their total income and Beingness than many of those who are flush. The most generous people I know are less afraid of doing without, even when they must, than many of those who will ever have to choose to deny themselves anything. The most generous people I know recognize genuine need and give without strings or concerns. They give because it's the compassionate thing to do. They give because in giving, they are themselves the ultimate recipient of good.
The most generous people I know are on alert for opportunities to share what they have. They are the ones who see we are not islands set apart from each other, but rather blooms in a vast, common field. They see that to keep one bloom from fading under the weight of inevitable storms and drought, is to keep themselves rooted in the grace and glory of God. The field is more beautiful and rich when we support each other in maintaining our individual blooms. The field is more rich when we share.

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  1. Yes! You are right. Tomorrow is the day!!! Yay!!!
    Email me for my number....unless I already gave it to you.
    EMail me yours too, I'll call you this evening.


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