Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sweet Spots

I'm experiencing yet another pause. My dreams are still hovering, but action is not the calling of the day. Awareness is. Gratitude is. Inspiration is. I look around me in this state of suspended animation and I see the miraculous in the ordinary. The Universe is highlighting the sweet spots of life, those easily dismissed what-more-could-you-ask-for happenings. It is my awareness
of these sweet spots that will keep me real and grounded as my life unfolds in new directions.
Inspiration and sweetness is my friend, Bahar. The Iranian born woman who came to America, by way of India, to escape the crushing oppression in her native land. Separated from her father for 12 years~ because of his being jailed for not being Muslim, his subsequent exodus to Germany with hopes and effort to establish his family in that country, hopes dashed, his family exiled to India and finally welcomed into America~ and one month after the news came of his approval to come to America to end the 12 years of separation, he died. Despite all that, despite a difficult life, Bahar glows from within. Tomorrow, she will marry the man of her dreams. Today, I made her wedding bouquet. It was a privilege to add my energy to an element of her great happiness.
Sweet spots, I have become aware, can be pleasingly salty. Especially when gathered with friends for a long overdue feast. Especially when host, David, regales the hungry revelers with gourmet pizzas. Cooked to perfection in his pizza oven, because naturally, all gourmet bread makers have a pizza oven in their garage. Throughout the evening, I paused to watch my friends drink and feast and laugh, and my heart swelled. It was a privilege to partake of such happiness.
I'm grateful for this pause in forward movement. I'm grateful for this chance to look around. Little miracles are coming into sharp focus. The core essence of life is revealing itself quietly. Happiness is everywhere. Inspiration is everywhere. The sweet spots keep coming and coming.

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  1. Mmmmm, pizza!!
    Yes, awareness of the sweet things is what brings them into focus. Gratitude. Taking each day as it comes.


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