Wednesday, November 19, 2008


In the midst of present uncertainty, the Universe has asked me to practice what I have been diligently taught. Now is the time to hone your skills, dear student, they whisper. Now is the time to flex your wings. Now is the time to know for sure you have the power to attract miracles. Set your mind and heart to the task, just as we have shown you. Abandon doubt. Clear your mind. Open your heart. Fly.
And so I have prayed. I have asked, on a daily basis, for the spirit of love and good health and prosperity and freedom to be with me and those I love. I have stood on a mountaintop, in my mind's eye, shining like a beacon, arms spread wide, repeating over and over, "find me. come home to me". I have stepped out of the shadows to enlist the aid of any and all in the healing of my Mother. I am holding a mindset of positive outcome, to the very limits of my ability. I am calling on Angels. I am staying in the present moment. I am caring for myself. I am playing with my cat.
As well, I am asking for signs and confirmations and a well-lit path. And I am receiving all of it. From the solitary, majestic buck at the side of the road, to the reluctant journal I won on Tara's blog, to the embraces so generously given, to the walls that have crumbled to dust, to today, the day of my sweet and unexpected Barakah from Maryam in Morocco. Barakah: my luck, my abundance, my fulfillment, my blessing. The incense I will yield to heaven in gratitude for the utter richness of my life.
Abandon doubt. Clear my mind. Open my heart. Fly.
{10,000 thank yous to Jen Lee, Tara Bradford and especially dear, dear Maryam.}
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  1. yay Graciel :) !!!
    May I be the first to congratulate you, as I cannot think of a more deserving woman.
    Here's hoping that barakah sticks, and makes a permanent home in you.
    p.s. thinking of your mom too, :)

  2. What a lovely gifts to receive at a time when you are needing gifts, of the heart, spirit and beauty.

  3. Graciel,

    Your writing is beautiful. Some strange force brought me here today, and I am grateful for that. I send you all of my hopes that your troubles and your loved ones troubles be resolved soon, and with as much ease as possible.

    Best wishes...

  4. And more beautiful things are sure to come your way....


  5. Hello dear Graciel. I was finally able to log on and see your entry:)

    Wishing you much positive intent. Putting out into the universe goodness will bring it back to you.

    Much barakah,


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