Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Did you kow that negative hydrogen ions, caused by splitting water molecules, increase serotonin levels in the bloodstream? Restore your balance, ease mild depression or get more happy vibes in your brain by visiting the nearest waterfall.
I'm smiling. Can you see?


  1. How wonderful. A winter's walk to a roaring waterfall. I can hear it.
    I know that there is a kind of salt lamp you can buy that is supposed to emit negative ions. They hollow out the center of the rock salt and the bulb goes inside. My mum has one and it emits a soft warm light.

  2. Anonymous2/11/2009

    Funny, I just remarked this morning that what I really wanted was to drink my morning tea by water, whether lapping or running. Just me, my tea and the soft moving h2o. Ok, maybe some birds, too.
    I hope all is well with you. It sounds that you have found a bit of solace.

  3. Oh Wow!!! That is why I always feel so absoluteley wonderful when I visit our Whychus Falls area - there are three in a row on a hike...but I've never been there in the winter! How wonderful it must look - like these pictures you took - looks like a magical place :)

  4. Made me smile just looking at these photos and imagining the sound of the waterfalls. Very nice! :)


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