Friday, February 06, 2009

Tickle and Bliss

There is a tickle and a smile and a song in my soul. There is a new sense of lightness, a new sense of joy. A shift that began last September has suddenly shifted again. It is an ascending energy, this tickle and lightness. A movement skyward. An unfurling freedom. A welcome release from serious matters.
How to explain this ascension? Maybe it's the liver detox I started one month ago. Maybe it's the permission I gave myself to play. Maybe it's the new, upgraded camera on its way to my doorstep. Maybe it's the extra hours of sleep I am purposefully fitting in each week. Or my acute awareness of the present moment. Or my decision to slow down. Or my dialogue with mortality. Or my sudden, profound gratitude for everything in my life.
Or maybe it's all of it. Maybe the tickle and bliss comes from respecting myself and nourishing myself on all levels at once. From finding the balance of self care and gratitude that allows me to smile and giggle out loud when I am alone. This culminating collection of moments, suspended for days or possibly weeks, is meant to imprint my heart with more courage and faith. It is meant to remind me that bliss is my birthright.
While the winds are calm and this bearable lightness of being prevails, I will store away the memory of this joy to fish myself out of future wells. I will stretch my arms to the heavens, and I will find new ways to give more love.
P.S. Thank you to the lovely ladies who played along with me and left a comment for my apron give-away. I appreciate every single word you all left. The winning name drawn from the apron pocket is: Flamingo Girl!! Meegan, please send an email to with your address.
And just who is that gorgeous amazon woman in the pictures? None other than Dolly, the super-sized, 1960's burger-joint statue who holds court in the parking lot of Valvo's Candy and Statuary in Silver Creek, NY.


  1. I just love it when out of the blue (or so it seems) my heart becomes joyful and happy, especially after life has been challenging for a very long time. The gratitude of it makes me weep and sing...sometimes both at the same time!

    I'm SO very happy Graciel, that you're feeling the bliss!

  2. Graciel
    Glad you are shifting, perhaps it is the promise of spring around the corner? :)


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