Friday, February 13, 2009

Flight 3407

I woke this morning, in Mayberry, to the shocking news of an airplane having crashed into a home, one small town to the left. I used to live in that town. Clarence Center, NY. I lived one mile north of the house that now serves as the portal to eternity for 50 souls. I spent a busy day at work today fighting back tears. Tears of utter sadness at the loss so many people were feeling. Tears for this beloved little town that will now be over run by media and FBI and gawkers. It's overwhelming. Sobering. And nothing I ever imagined.
I feel inclined to pray fervently for the well being of all those in transition; the deceased, the loved ones left behind and the good people of Clarence Center shaken to their cores. I feel inclined to say "I love you" louder and more often. I feel inclined to say "yes" a whole lot more often than I say "no". I feel inclined to thank God for the lottery I win each morning when I open my eyes. I feel inclined to study the stars. Watch more birds. Savor every morsel of food. Look into more eyes and more hearts. Live my truth.
Say a prayer with me, if you will. A prayer for the highest and best possible good for all souls. And knowledge in our hearts, despite appearances, that we are held firmly in the palm of never ending love.
{Photo from the Clarence Bee newspaper.}


  1. Graciel - What a truly wonderful blessing you are to this world and to me for your words, your thoughts, your prayers and your being! Your serene wisdom has touched my soul and has helped lessen the ever-so heavy sadness that has been haunting my heart for the past 26-hours. The tears of all who are affected by this, most recent catastrophe, will surely dry-up so much sooner, thanks to your solicitous ways and your endless love for all souls. My sincere best always, Dennis

  2. Dear Dennis,

    Oh, you made me cry this morning while reading your gracious words. Your soul is obviously filled to brimming with goodness and light. I'm saying a little prayer for you too, for your heart to be less haunted with each passing day. Thank you for your sweet encouragement. Do you live in Clarence?

    Have no fear. They are all safe. So are we.

    Love, Graciel

  3. Catastrophes like this are always shocking and so hard to fathom.In the blink of an eye, everything changes. Thanks for your words and reminding us to care for each other.

  4. Crying, praying, sighing, chanting, studying, savoring, looking, loving, living my truth...right along with you, dear one.

    Thank you for this eloquent post.

  5. Tragedies like this can shock us right to the core. It is the kind of random thing that can happen to anyone anywhere but it never seems possible that it could happen to us personally.

    I'm so sorry for those in your former hometown, Graciel. Even long after this is over, there will still be people there who are in need of healing and more time to come to grips with everything.

    Love will get them through it. It makes it so much harder to deal with when it happens so close to home.


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