Friday, February 27, 2009

New Perspectives, New Life

I'm searching for a new way of seeing my life. Of being in my life. New perspectives, new understandings, all based on where my life is right now. I feel like I'm standing over buried treasure and the Universe has handed me a shovel. "Start digging, " they say, "you've already got everything you need to make it happen." Make what happen? I almost know. I almost know. But like a word on the tip of my tongue I can't wrestle from my brain, the "it" in make it happen hasn't arrived on the threshold of my consciousness. So I'm digging. Online, through the lens, in front of the blank page, and in my dreams.
Jewels are rising to the surface in the form of unexpected email requests, weekly assignments in my online photography course, spontaneous visions while driving, oracle cards and the candy-apple-red peonies, clustered in clear vases, in this morning's dream. Each jewel that rises seeks to be strung to the next until the message becomes clear, the clasp is secure and I find myself wearing the shimmering gift of purpose.
Somehow, some way, everything I need to launch the next phase of my life exists within me right now. I'm having trouble seeing it and putting it into words, but I can feel it. I can feel it coming. It feels larger than the life I am living now, but it is based on who I am in this very moment. Who I am is ready to see the same old things in fresh ways, entertain new paths to known destinations and notice more keenly how people respond to my thoughts and actions. Each shovelful of heightened awareness brings with it another jewel.
I'm stringing the jewels together on paper to see the emerging pattern and not miss a bead. I'm asking my League Of Angels to keep it simple and concise. No grand mysteries to solve, just a beautiful string of quiet revelations. Because it's time. And I'm ready to live a life adorned.
{Assignment for week #2 of my e-course: use reflection to see my world differently.}

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  1. susan@80o3/04/2009

    Beautifully and cohesively written. Worth reading. :)


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