Monday, May 11, 2009

On Behalf Of All The Women

To the person or persons who felt the need to post this sign, on behalf of all the women who are not mothers in the biblical, traditional sense~ due to choice, divorce, childhood trauma, surgery, miscarriage, infertility, not finding the right mate before the biological clock ran out and all the reasons, heart-wrenching and not, under the sun for not being a mother on Mother's Day~ I say to you without a shred of politeness...Bite Me.
To all the women of the world, be you mothers of children, mothers of beings with fins, four legs or feathers, mothers of invention, mothers of creativity or mothers of souls in need of mothering, I wish for you a happy, healthy, grateful, inspiring Mother's Day every day of the year. Your womanhood is your true salvation. Express it as you see fit.
{For Lynn}


  1. sugarfreeseer5/11/2009

    I love it! You go girl!

  2. Ahh, my Dear Sugarfree~ many thanks. After all, YOU are the one who taught me the needful phrase "bite me". xo :)

  3. Anonymous5/11/2009

    thanks for this post!

  4. What an ignorant sign -- I'd like to say that I am surprised, sadly I'm not.

  5. Dear Graciel, I sit in front of my computer with tears on my cheeks and a big smile on my face. Thank you for understanding my dear friend. I send you a great big HUG!!!! and enjoy your time off.
    Love, Lynn

  6. My Dear Gargirl,

    Anything for you, Sister. :)


  7. I know this was for Lynn, but it was also a little bit for me.



  8. Dear Amy,

    Oh, honey, this was for you and me and anyone who nodded their beautiful head when reading it.

    So glad it made sense to you. And many thanks for your comment!


  9. Here! Here!

    I couldn't have said it better myself!

    THANK YOU for speaking up & out on our behalf!!!

  10. Bless you for this. Bless you. One of our employees (I run a business with, yes, he-whom-I-met a little too late for children) once said to me, in a patronizing explanation of some nonsense, that well, of course, perhaps I didn't get it (whatever it was), having no children, and therefore no maternal instinct. Not worth firing him over, but I cried in the bathroom, and I've never forgotten. The man who said this to me? The father of 5 children, rasing them alone because their mother changed her mind & left. And me? My pets are my babies, my niece the love of my life. So once again, bless you. And PS - the abovementioned employee came to see the error of his viewpoint, and proved me right in keeping him.

    :) Debi


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