Friday, May 15, 2009

A Song For My Soul

It happens every time. I go in search of Nature, and Nature greets me like a dear friend. Unshakable, nurturing and ever present in her offerings. I always find simplicity and constancy in her changing face. I am always given a gift. Today, the gift was a song for my soul.
The song was melodious, intricate and robust. Sung by the masterful catbird. I have heard the song of the catbird many times before, but never from 3 feet away. He sang to me from the lilac bush, holding me spellbound. At length, he ascended to the balcony and I made a mental note to order up catbirds and lilacs in my personal heaven.
Mother goose, the creek draped in green, violets and sweet scented flox, they all welcomed me. So did the butterflies. Little cabbage whites and tiger swallowtails and one new friend whom I cannot identify. A swallowtail, it seems, with a sweep of dusky blue and 2 orange spots on its hind wings. It introduced itself at length, but left no discernible calling card. His message, however, was quite clear.
With a song and a scent, a babble and a flutter, I gathered my gifts and went home. My dear friend Nature, she always sustains me.

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  1. Oh Graciel! This is sublime. The softness of the colors together, and the quality of your photographs! It was absolutely enchanting. Your photos and your words remind me of why I love to watch the movie "Howard's End" - the cinematography is spellbinding.


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