Monday, May 11, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #4

Today, I am tired and inspired. As a floral designer who (barely) survived another hellish Mother's Day week, I am filled with the notion of the mother. Not in the expected sense, perhaps, but more in the needful sense. I am inspired to mother myself in a more active and profound way than I have ever before. Yes, mother myself.
I sometimes neglect my most basic needs. I forge ahead giving away my time and energy to causes just and unjust, and find myself , in the aftermath, tired and drained and whining. I forget to put myself first. I forget to create for myself a balanced and stable environment. I forget to bolster my self worth. I have yet to look in the mirror and tell myself, "I love you". And because I forget, I lack. I lack peace within, I lack dreams come true, I lack solid ground from which to launch a new life.
I must think more like a mother, and act more like a mother when it comes to dealings with myself. What would I give a child or do for a child to build her self esteem and help her feel at home on this earth? These are the questions to ask myself as I approach each choice to be made.
I am my primary relationship in this life. It's time to treat myself better. To make myself feel more safe and loved through my thoughts, my words, my actions. If my primary relationship is solid and reliable and loyal, no matter the circumstances, I will have everything I need to lead a fulfilling, meaningful, contributing life for the rest of my life. This revelation inspires me. So let me begin.
Inspired by: a week's vacation, starting today, to rediscover joy.
Inspired by: naps.
Inspired by: cherry juice, asparagus, strawberries and tea.
Inspired by: an upcoming play date with friend and fellow Maryphile, Kasia.
Inspired by: lilacs and peonies and sweet scented trees.
Inspired by: water and walks and ample time to read.
Inspired by: early to bed, late to rise, and naps. Did I mention naps?
Inspired by: meditation and silence.
Inspired by: serendipity and spontaneity.
Inspired by: life.
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  1. Love your post! I am inspired by you!
    take care

  2. Graciel! My goodness...well, let me tell you that I came up with theme for myself this year - to keep me focused, and this year is "Mothering" - meaning to Mother Myself. I, too, have had to learn to love myself. I'm actually writing a book about it right now, that I think will be done sometime this year - it is the most precious relationship you will ever forge - falling in love with yourself.

  3. I hope you have a lovely restful vacation sprinkled with flashes of joy and glimpses of inspiration.


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