Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank You For Your Support

Dear Graciel,
You are embarking on an Odyssey of the soul from which you will return to your home shores a permanently changed person. You are right to care for your spiritual center, because it is the compass that will guide you safely through the storms. Life took me on that journey six years ago. Let the tears flow when they must. Attend to the turning of the seasons, and watch for the coming of Spring. Nature teaches us everything we need to know.This experience will enrich your soul in ways you cannot imagine. Your mother is a lucky mom to have a daughter like you.
Love, Arnie
Dear Arnie,
You have no idea how much your words and wisdom have meant to me. Yes, this is an Odyssey, unplanned for, unwanted, but here nonetheless. I have yet to get used to waking each morning and shedding a few tears before rising. So much is shifting. So much seems out of order. Because my grandmother, at 89, is still thriving, driving and living on her own, my mother contracting a life-threatening illness was not on the radar. But here we are. Here I am, slowly realizing the landscape of my life is in the process of changing forever.
In my effort to support my mother, as well as my father on the front lines, I have found the Universe is supplying, in copious amounts, sweet and welcome support for me. If you've noticed, I have received lovely comments from lovely people. I have received emails and phone calls and hugs in person from good and gracious friends. Heidi gave me a cancer cookbook for the times, starting now, when taste buds are ruined but nutrition must be taken. Lynn gave me a pocket-full of my beloved Mary. And Don made a badge of courage for me to wear. I am wearing it right now.
I am sure you know, Arnie, how precious each and every offering can be. One small gesture can be the difference between breaking down and carrying on with what must be faced and accomplished. It is a round robin of support, with the ultimate goal being that we are each of us, the givers and receivers, nourished, loved and made to feel whole. Every difficult scenario is merely an opportunity to pull more love out of the often-closed chambers of our hearts.
So, thank you, Arnie for your experience-laden support. Thank you Heidi, Lynn and Don. Thank you to each of my friends-of-the-heart who took the time to write a comment, send an email, call me, hug me and say a prayer. Without shame, I will ask for more. Because, for God's work to be accomplished, for my mother to keep her faith and strength, for me to keep my thoughts to the positive and act courageously, for sweetness and joy to live in all our souls, love must flow.
Danke. Merci. Gracias. Thanks.
Love, Graciel


  1. That was a very beautiful and powerful letter Arnie wrote you. So full of truth.
    Take care of yourself xo

  2. Dear Graciel,

    What an honor it was to see my comment published on your blog! I am glad that my words provided some comfort. When you ask, the Universe provides.


  3. Still thinking of you and your mom, Graciel and keeping you in my prayers. Hugs to you, my friend.


I always appreciate the time you take to comment on my blog. Thank you for stopping by. Peace from my heart to yours. xo, Graciel