Monday, January 12, 2009

The Orchid Place 2

I live a blessed life. I ask everyday to be blessed by my Higher Power, and you know, I get what I ask for. The more I remember to ask, the more I am given the opportunity to receive. The opportunity, I said. Meaning, it is up to me to reach out and take the blessings that are presented before me. I could also choose to let the blessings pass right on by and then complain how I never get a break. Or how unlucky I am. Or, poor me, how I'm always being overlooked.
But no. I ask to be blessed and then I keep my mind and eyes as open as possible. It takes practice to spot blessings disguised in opportunities. I'm getting good at it now. There's room for improvement, sure, but recently an opportunity came and I said "YES!" in big letters. Days later, I still feel the lovely, lingering effects of my blessed excursion to The Orchid Place.
The Orchid Place, in Ithaca , NY, is a greenhouse for phalaenopsis orchids. Being a newbie orchid lover, still feeling the blissful honeymoon effect of my romance with these plants, the greenhouse was a gateway to heaven. The rows and rows and rows of happy, blooming faces made me swoon. I swear I heard them singing. Or maybe that was me. In any case, the enchanting experience of wafting through thousands of my favorite blooming plant was a blessing. With a capital B.
So I plan to keep asking to be blessed. I plan to open my eyes and mind even wider. I plan to say "yes" to more opportunities than I ever did before. I plan to receive heaven as I live.


  1. Lovely. Orchids are always beautiful:)

  2. Graciel, I love all the photos of orchids here. I recently did a post with a poem about orchids. Stunningly beautiful photos here.


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