Thursday, January 15, 2009

Recharging My Faith

Today, I interrupted my regularly scheduled life to recharge my faith. I sat tucked into one corner of my sofa for hours, Kleenex, green tea and warm cat at hand. I allowed myself to simply be. I varied between classical music and silence, warm cat in my arms and warm cat on my feet, waves of tears and waves of calm. Slowly, my sense of self rose to the surface. Stillness is such a swift path back to balance.
In the stillness and be-ness and me-ness, Wisdom whispered. She told me many things about loving myself, nurturing myself and being brave. She told me to live my life to the fullest so my Mother could leave in peace when ever it is she decides to go. She told me to use this opportunity to openly offer love to the world. She told me to be shiny.
But the most significant and resonant thing she told me was this: The greatest love I have yet to experience is coming. It already lives inside of me, but it is going to be drawn out by purposeful circumstances. I will be amazed at its curative strength. I will be amazed. Wisdom said to prepare myself. And to let it come.


  1. Love your words.
    Yes, stillness is more important than we realize.

  2. Dear Graciel,

    You are embarking on an Odyssey of the soul from which you will return to your home shores a permanently changed person. You are right to care for your spiritual center, because it is the compass that will guide you safely through the storms.

    Life took me on that journey six years ago. Let the tears flow when they must. Attend to the turning of the seasons, and watch for the coming of Spring. Nature teaches us everything we need to know.

    This experience will enrich your soul in ways you cannot imagine.

    Your mother is a lucky mom to have a daughter like you.


  3. One day at a time, my friend. Take it just one at a time. The one we have now is really the only one we can do anything with. Saying a prayer for you and your mom. Wishing you both peace and freedom from pain.


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