Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Art Of Talent

"Minutiae" 1954, by Robert Rauschenberg
Among the great passions of my life is Art. I love to read about it, love to look at it, love to feel its pulses dervishing my cells to higher vibrations. I also like to create it. But my ideas for expressing it, for the most part, remain tight in a bud. I have yet to harness the willpower, or turn off the infernal, internal editor, or allow the proper space and time to simply let the impulses~ the in-pulses~ take over and spill out. I have yet to let what is in my head and heart BLOOM.
This is the year, I pray, as per my one word edict, to let more of who I am rise to the surface and flower. To do that will require allowing myself to be imperfect in public. This is not on the German heritage list of approved behaviors. It's unsafe, you see. But I realize it's the path to letting the petals fall open.
Also on the path, not being afraid to be talented. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Not really. I hold myself down for fear of outshining those around me, for fear of losing the support of those who live small lives like myself. In a backwards way, I have felt I would be left alone if I expressed my talents too openly. People I care about may feel intimidated and back away from me.
In expressing my fears, my excuses for holding myself back, I have at the same time advice for my art-loving self and any who see themselves in me: the quest for perfection is suffocating. It masks who I really am. And who I am is always safe, IF I am true to myself.
And being afraid to be talented? Who am I NOT to be talented? Who am I NOT to shine? God has programmed Its essence into my very cells, into your very cells, to be manifested in a unique and purposeful way. The purpose is for God, through you and me, to shine Its great beauty and love over the expanse of the entire world. My talents, your talents, every one's personal talents are threads that weave the blanket of love meant to warm and sustain all creation.
So, no more excuses, I say to myself. In a troubling world filled with uncertainty, the time is now to let the impulses spill out. Just start throwing paint around. Just start gluing random things together and writing God-inspired words across those random things. Just create my thread of the blanket. Just let myself be free. Just bloom.
{Robert Rauschenberg, 1925-2008, is my favorite artist. His unconventional, avant-garde art, and the self-possessed freedom he expressed in life will be tools in my "just-let-it-out" kit.}


  1. That work of art by Rauschenberg forces you to look at it. Really look at it. How interesting.

    Making art is simple. You just DO it. Sometimes it is awful, sometimes it is grand and sometimes it is perfect! It's all about you, not anyone else. What's inside has to be expressed, let it out! You have nothing to lose. As Mark Twain said, it's the things we don't do that we regret the most. Go for it. Bloom:))
    Get messy and see what happens:)
    Cheers, Shelagh

  2. Well i was one of those people who googled 'owl omens' and stumbled upon your page and i am very interested in your insight to the mystical side to these wonderful creatures. just about an hour ago (1:30 am) i was in my basement and about to go outside when i saw something out of the ordinary. it was an owl (spotted owl if i am not mistaken) sitting on my fence gate. I am not a very spiritual person per say but i am very much into believing in signs and reading into the deeper meanings of certain things that happen in my life. i have never seen an owl before and to be quite honest it scared me at first. i opened the door and went outside to smoke a cigarette and figured it would sly off but it didn't. it just sat perched on my fence gate and i could see it turning its head now and then and when i went back inside i turned on the back light to get a better look at it and it quickly turned its head towards me and we shared a glance at each other for only a second but it seemed much longer.. it turned its head back and then only half way as if someone would when looking at you with their peripheral vision. i don't believe this to be a bad omen at all but an omen nonetheless. i like to believe in the unknown and unexplainable and this has sparked my curiosity once more and in a very big way. i have never really heard of owls being in my neighborhood or my city for that matter (i live in Northern Virginia) it seemed out of place but i almost half expected it to turn its head and start speaking to me. it seemed as if it were waiting for something or me to initiate the meeting. i suppose i am wondering on any insight or comments you have on this magnificent sighting.. my email is or you can just reply on your blog. either way is fine. thanks :)

  3. Anonymous1/07/2009

    I just wanted to let you know I've been too rushed to really respond properly, but I come back to this post whenever things at work get really maddening just so I can breathe in these roses and take in this phenomenal art. Keep blooming, my dear! Marisa

  4. Philip~ Did you get my owl email response?


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