Sunday, January 25, 2009


Dear January,
In so many ways, you have become one of my favorite months. I love the permission you give to hibernate and drink gallons of hot tea and create soup. I love that your indoor fashion requirements include velour pants. I love the scarves you insist I wrap myself in. I love the silence of your snow.
What I am starting not to love, however, is the tendency to become inert under your watch. The inactive, dull and slow pace of my life; the disinclination to accomplish anything; this is starting to tarnish my love for you, January. Dullness is a slippery slope. It can melt into mild depression. And I certainly don't need that.
So, today, dear January, I will brave your ridiculously low temperatures, shed my velour skin and venture out to play. I need to make my own sunshine because you've been stingy with yours. I need to balance my brain with laughter and pleasant distraction, hot food and good company. I need to add some colors to my month before I become a singular shade of blue.


  1. Anonymous1/25/2009

    Oh such sweetness! I smile as I sit here in a lovely pair of velour pants, luckily in a pool of January sun even though it is 6 degrees out there. Good for you telling old January who's boss. Those of us way up in the northern hemisphere need to learn to be tough on this first month of the year!

  2. Graciel I wish I could scoop you up and whisk you away for a few days of sunshine with me! I truly empathize with you. (and yes, although I left them at home, I have 2 velour track pants for those days of completey inert lounging and I love those babies!

  3. "shed my velour skin" I laughed when I read that. It is so appropriate for this month. I think that we all need to shed it and get "out there" I do especially:)

  4. This month forces me to go looking for brightness and color and cheerfulness too. It seems to be the longest month of the year for me. Just a few more days and it will be February--almost spring! Keep looking for the sun--it's out there somewhere. :)

  5. I'm thinking has this girl got a spooky insight into my life? I'm sitting here typing in my velour pants and my scarves have just been discarded on a chair for a moment! I so agree with you about January, and February I find as well... too too easy to hibernate and slowly sink! ;)

  6. Well, I am thoroughly engaged in your thoughts and your writing, and will be adding you to my list of blogs I can't wait to read.

    I have felt the same over January, and have trudged out in the cold anyway to make it a happier wait until the sun comes back out.


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