Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hello 2009

Hello, 2009. I'm happy to see you. I've enjoyed the first blush of getting to know you today. Sunshine, quiet contemplation, raspberries and contented cats. Keep this up, and we're going to get along famously.
I hope we do. Get along famously, that is. I have balanced hopes, as opposed to high hopes, we will make the most of our time together. I've been thinking carefully today about what I would like to glean from our relationship. Let's see, there is peace, more joy, more love, more compassion, creative verve, courage, strength of heart and mind, openness, adventure, more visibility, flight, great health, more prosperity, more laughter, a better car, a better camera, (because let's be practical), did I mention more prosperity(?), mental stability, discernment, freedom from fear, receptivity, boat-loads of fun. Etc.
In thinking carefully, I wanted to come up with a singular word to define my hopes for the coming year. An edict, of sorts, for our budding relationship. A word that encompasses everything I could possibly want for myself. And for you, of course. Since we're in this together.
So, my word, my singular sensation to light the path of our seasons together is BLOOM. Isn't that simple? Isn't that perfect? In everything I face, in every opportunity that crosses my path while we are together, I want for my soul to bloom. To grow more lovely and loving.
One more thing, 2009. I want you to be kind to my friends and family and readers, and oh, heck, everyone who aspires to use the light of their soul for goodness. I want you to give them all strength and courage to meet the challenges they will face. I want you to bless them with faith in themselves. I want you to give them respite. And laughter. And uplifting communion with each other. Most of all, 2009, I want you to open their hearts to more opportunities for love.
{If you, Dear Reader, have a one-word edict for your relationship with 2009, I would love, love to hear what it is...}
That little boy in black fur, who loves my word, is Remmington.


  1. Anonymous1/01/2009

    Thanks for putting in a good word with 2009 for us! "Uplifting communion with each other" - I love the taste of that especially.

    I love "bloom" so much - such lushness and hope. How delicious a hot house flower in the depths of winter. How perfect that first crocus in spring. How nurturing that autumn aster on the front steps covered in first frost.

    My word is "align." It seems so structured next to the abundance of your blossoming theme, but I am thinking of it in terms of "align with my soul's purpose."

    All blessings and passion and bliss in the new year,

  2. Marisa, I love your word! I think I should bloom in alignment with my soul's purpose. :)

    Hope 2009 is your best year yet.

  3. Lovely words!
    I think my word might be OPEN.
    Similar to bloom really isn't it now that I think about it.
    Here's to a year of blooming and opening:)
    Cheers, Shelagh

  4. Graciel, I don't have a word in mind, but I love your choice of bloom. It really says it all.

    Remmington looks like quite a dapper fellow! Give him a pat on the head and a scratch behind the ears for me.

    Thank you for all the good wishes. I can sure use them. I'm sure everyone else can too. :)

  5. DANCE!
    That is my word.

    I love bloom too, bloom is wonderful.

    Happy New Year to you Graciel!~
    And Remmington...all the best for prosperity, health and happiness.
    Wishing your mom good health too, and big hugs.

  6. Anonymous1/04/2009

    It is not the most beautiful of words, but it means exactly what I want for the unfolding moments in front of me. Eventually, this will lead to a blooming and letting go of long held hidden doubts and hesitations.
    Thank you for your words.


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