Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And So It Goes

Good bye 2008. I will not soon forget you, but I admit, I am happy to see you go. You were both bitter and sweet in equal measure. You tested me, but you never bested me. Within your confines, I was encouraged to let go of many things. Yet in the void left by each release, you brought forth new options, new avenues, new souls. It was up to me to take the newness unto myself, you did not force it upon me. And Dear One, I took it. I took it all; your uncharted territory, your tears and your triumphs.
So bless you, 2008. Bless you for each and every moment you gave me. I am stronger, so much stronger, than I was 365 days ago. My instincts are sharper. My trust in myself has inflated. My understanding of what is important is more clear. The sweet moments you gave me are deeply etched in my heart.
So long. Far well. Thank you kindly. Good bye.


  1. Graciel, I am hoping for you and yours a very happy new year filled with joy and many blessings. I have so much appreciated your insights and wisdom that you share here. Thank you too for your lovely photos, your kindness, and your sense of humor. You continue to be an inspiration. :)

  2. Graciel, Thank you for a year of inspiration, beauty and wisdom.


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