Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Many Blessings

This morning at work, my friend, Lynn, found a handwritten note addressed to no one and everyone. The 3 1/2"x 4 1/2" slip of paper read:
"Many Blessings,
Please take this as a gift from the Universe. I pray that
it multiplies many times for you and all you love.
This world we live in is a wonderful place. Enjoy it.
With Love."
Shortly after finding the note, Lynn found a folded $20 bill on the floor. When I arrived, Lynn handed me the little note and said it was my turn. When my gift arrived, I was to pass on the note. Within one hour I had passed on the note.
My gift of many blessings was not monetary, nor could a value be placed on it. My gift of many blessings was priceless and powerful. It came from my friend, Sue, the Cookie Contessa who once made me cupcakes to thank me for writing this blog. An hour after I received the little note, Sue thanked me again for giving me my blog as a book. 2 volumes and one on the way at the close of the year. My blog as a 3 volume book. Printed in its entirety, photos and all, and spiral bound. Me, as a book.
I think Sue said she did this to thank me again for writing and something about how much my writing meant to her and my last post had her in tears, but I'm not sure. I was so stunned by the time and the effort and the heart it took to create this blessing for me, I was in the throws of an instant out-of-body experience. I hope and pray when I burst into tears and hugged her tight I said out loud how much I loved her. I hope I expressed my gratitude. But really, it's not possible, when something has touched me so deeply, to express fully my thanks. The effort of this blessing leaves me speechless.
When I arrived home this afternoon, I spread a blanket on the floor, made rose petal tea, put the cookies I had ordered from Sue on a plate and sat down to leaf through 2 years of words. My words, mostly, with smatterings of favorite poems. I had not realised how many words I have written. Words that could not be held back once I defied my own penchant for living in the shadows. And now the words that have poured from my heart can be held against it. For the first time.
I have wanted to write a book. Sue showed me today, I already have. She gave me the visual of my dream to have and to hold, and to give me the courage to continue. So I shall. With an even more grateful heart.
This world we live in is truly a wonderful place. The little note that was passed to me, with its wishes and prayers for Universal gifts, multiplied countless times for me. I am passing the note onto all of you now with wishes for multiplied gifts. Please print it out or write it down and carry it with you until your Universal gift arrives. When it does, and it will, please pass your note to some one else and ask that they do the same. Let's accept our many blessings and spread the love.
{For anyone in the Buffalo area in need of mouthwatering, sinfully delicious holiday cookies, please feel free to contact Sue, the Cookie Contessa at: Her raspberry almond thumbprints are my favorite!}


  1. Anonymous12/11/2008

    Wow what a powerful blessing. I will pass on the blessing to all in California. Love your writing too! Can''t wait for the book.
    Goddess of Joy

  2. Anonymous12/11/2008

    What an amazing gift from your dear friend Sue! I am so happy to see your words in book form. May the world be blessed by the love you share so openly, and may you receive beyond measure abundance and love.
    Peace and joy,

  3. Anonymous12/12/2008

    I still am wearing a broad smile at the generosity and possibility of people in this life. I am a new reader in your world, but I will dare to say that Sue's gift to you came from everyone who has ever had the chance to drink in your wisdom. It is right and good that you understand the power and beauty of your voice.

  4. Oh my goodness! What a thoughtful, sweet and generous gift your friend Sue gave to you. That is simply amazing. I would have been blown away too!

    I hope you have a weekend that continues to be filled with such heartwarming blessings. :)

  5. Anonymous12/12/2008

    How very beautiful. That is a soul that truly sees your soul, a gift in and of itself.


    Thanks for agreeing to the blisschick interview. And how very strange that we have both lost beloved cats, love Mary, and have chosen the word "fly!"

    How often do you make it to Our Lady of Victory? I was there this summer, specifically to visit that beautiful place.

    Please email me via my gmail ( so that I can get the interview information to you!


  6. You've been published! What a thoughtful, loving gift.

  7. susan@80o12/15/2008

    Wow, that is SUPPORT. :)

  8. susan@80o12/15/2008

    "And now the words that have poured from my heart can be held against it."

    One of your all-time 10 best sentences. :)

  9. What a wonderful gift your friend gave you...but then too, what a wonderful gift you give us here, with your gracious words!

  10. Wonderful!

    Oh' how I wish you could reproduce your book a thousand fold and have it in bookshelves up to here!

    What a great friend you have. Such a treasure!


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