Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pull Back

Oftentimes, when our energy is directed outward on behalf of others or our personal commitments, and sustained at high levels, it becomes necessary to pull back. It becomes necessary to refuel. To revive. To honor. Ourselves. Even for a day. Or bits and pieces of successive days. Oftentimes, if we don't choose to pull back, we will be pulled down.
You who can't say no, I am giving you permission to say no. You who rush from one self-imposed obligation to another, stop. Go to bed early. Wake up late. You who think the world should be spotless, leave the dirty dishes in the sink. Read a book. Drink tea. Let it be. You who must do it all, for pity's sake, ask for help. Asking does not mean you have failed. You who cannot let go of control, resign as general manager of the Universe. You have not received enough hugs. You have not given enough hugs.
We, you and me, need a break. We need cream in our soup. We need cupcakes with sprinkles. We need fleece. We need time to do nothing. And we are the only ones who can give ourselves permission to stop, let go and say no. It is our grown-up responsibility to ourselves to occasionally play hooky. To honor ourselves and not put the madness before sanity. To pull back before we are pulled down. To choose to put ourselves first.


  1. ahhh thank you for this post... thank you.

    yes, we do need cream in our soup and fleece...even if it is covered with cat & dog hair, it's still just as warm and cozy. ;-)

    i hope you had a good thanksgiving!

    we were close to you for a whole week...back in PA..where we got to play in the snow, the kids loved it and it was so beautiful... funny what you miss once it's not there anymore.... i used to dread the snow...not anymore.
    take care. xoxoxo

  2. This is an amazingly beautiful photograph...I just love it!

    Yes, I so agree...lets take time to give ourselves comfort; tuck into something yummy and nurturing to the soul and wrap ourselves up in a blanket of self care!

  3. I'm stopping and smelling the roses in your photo above. Well written, Graciel. :)


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