Friday, March 06, 2009

Nothing More Healing Than Love

Every once in awhile, something small and meaningful crosses your path and stops your breath. That every once in awhile happened to me today at 5:56pm. And it stopped my breath.
It started at my local bank on the way home from work. Every teller was wearing a broken heart t-shirt with writing on it. The letters were small. To read the message required staring at the chest of a woman much younger than me, so I refrained. I thought to ask what the message said, but for no explainable reason decided not to.
I drove the short distance home. I began the climb of the enclosed stairwell that leads to my 2nd floor home. In the waning light, I almost stepped on something. It was small and solid and odd. It was a red and black clay Buddha. A couple steps up was a second Buddha. A few more steps revealed a third. At the top of the stairs, on the landing, was a neatly folded t-shirt with a broken heart and writing on it. My jaw dropped.
I stepped into the door and read the t-shirt. It said, "To the soul there is nothing more healing than love". My eyes misted over. Such true words. Because there was no note with the shirt, I looked inside at the label to see if it would give me a clue as to what this was about. The label read, "L.I.F.E. line for flight 3407. Made with love in Clarence, NY". I burst into tears.
I have no idea who gave me these 4 gifts. Did everyone in Mayberry get a t-shirt at their doorway today? If they did, why did I get 3 Buddhas? Surely, no one else on my street got 3 Buddhas. And why 3? Is the giver aware of the 3 posts I wrote about flight 3407 in February?
I can answer none of my questions. It's a meaningful mystery I may never solve. The website listed on the t-shirt is underdeveloped and gives me no clues. It does not matter. I don't need to know. Though I never imagined it while writing my messages of hope, the compassion I extended has returned to me.
Tonight I will light 3 candles and set them on my Buddhas. I will say more prayers for the broken hearts of flight 3407. I will send out more love to heal more souls. I will wear my new t-shirt to bed and dream of a life for us all, where Love. Is. For. Everyone.
{My 3 posts about Flight 3407 can be found here and here and here.}
Thank you, whoever you are...


  1. wow'....

    I can feel the power of that healing (of which, I too' am needing) all the way here!

  2. What a lovely and worthy surprise! I am pleased for you:)

  3. Amazing! What a day maker! Such a wonderful surprise someone left for you. The healing and the love continues and goes around again. :)

  4. What a lovely surprise! I'll be thinking about this incident for days to actually brings to my attention those who care as deeply as you, and want to bring acknowledgement to them as well...what a beautiful way to do that. The Universe is wrapping you up in a big old hug and saying, Thank you for caring dearest. Without people like you sending out their love and hope every single day...well...we are all benefiting from it, so thank you!

  5. Wow! This is amazing!

    Thank you for sharing this part of your journey with us.

    And for continuing to encourage us on the path of LOVE.

  6. What a lovely surprise for you to find, how lovely of whoever it was. It is such a true saying that everything of love we give away returns to us ten-fold. I'm not suprised that you cried I would have too. You are a special person.

    'Even as a mother protects with her life
    Her child, her only child,
    So with a boundless heart
    Should one cherish all living beings;
    Radiating kindness over the entire world.'
    -The Buddha-


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