Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Only Opinion That Matters

The only opinion that matters is your own. Your opinion of yourself is the foundation of all events and happenings in your life. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the criticisms of acquaintances and strangers like I was this past week, it's time to shift your mind to the positive. About yourself.
What you think about yourself and the labels you unfairly pin to your lapel need to be rewritten. Your world is a reflection of how high or low you hold yourself in esteem. Join me in daring to think better of yourself. Join me in appreciating the 10,004 wonderful aspects, quirks and caring ways inherent in your soul. Look deep with me to find them. List your positive qualities and be ever so gentle in acknowledging the qualities that make you secretly cringe. There are pockets of pain supporting those less than savory qualities. There are reasons behind your outbursts and freak outs and meltdowns. You've been hurt. I've been hurt. It's time to kiss your wounds with love and understanding. It's time to support yourself like never before, no matter what.
You are star shine and tenderness and valor. You are exceptional in so many ways. You, just as you are in this minute, are a gift to this world. Think better of yourself. Forgive and soothe yourself. Dare to think you are fabulous. Act fabulous. Stay humble.
Use your new-found positive opinion of yourself as your shield and your foundation. Write a new label and pin it to your lapel~ "I support myself in my awesomeness". Share the gift of yourself with the world, unafraid. Be the love and appreciation and understanding you have hoped for and needed all along.
{The little cluster of fragrant blooms is "freesia".}


  1. As always Graciel, your profound wisdom speaks to my heart. Thank you.

  2. You make it sound so simple and I guess really it, why do we have such a hard time in making those positive changes we all so desparately need?? I appreciate all your words that make me stop and think about what I'm doing and why....Thank you again.

    (Big Hugs))


  3. What a very very timely reminder!!

    Yesterday I was saying something that was meant to come off as a joke, only to realize halfway through that it wasn't funny - at all. In fact, judging from her lame nervous laugh, I'm quite sure I sounded quite the queen of sarcasm to the person I was conversing with. This was not my intention. No. No. can't even believe, I said what I said.

    And I felt even dumber at that time ( and till now) thinking that the recipient of my "all knowing wisdom" would logically understand where I was coming from. After all, I am a communications consultant - people pay to listen to me, the expert, blabber about how to say the right word at the right time. You know, to avoid "conflict."

    Yeah' right.


    still banging my head.....

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  5. Thank you for the words and the images...beautiful!!

  6. We all hold that within us, don't we. It is good to have that reminder. Well written, Graciel. I hope things are going well for you.


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