Friday, March 27, 2009

Have Faith

If you feel lost, or you don't know what you are supposed to do next, or your mother's cancer scan results came back with a less than hopeful outlook, I want you to do something for me. I want you to hold your faith. I want you to keep your mind and heart steady. I want you to focus on finding your way, looking for clues as to what to do next, and keeping attuned to left-field options. This is not the time to indulge the dark side of your nature. This is the time to reach beyond your known limits for the light.
I want you to have faith that solutions are available. I want you to have faith that your life and the life of those you love are held with reverence in the palm of God's hand. When you lay down at night, I want you to feel God's hand holding you as you surrender your self to sleep. I want you to have faith.
Do not take the low road. Do not give up. Do not shut down. Instead, ask for guidance. Speak through your heart. Breathe deep the rain and the fog. Reach for the sun. Have faith.


  1. Thank you for this, dear Graciel. It is just what I needed to read today, as I'm clinging to faith and hope in the midst of my dark night of the soul.

    Strange times, indeed...with such profound moments/hours/days of clarity and truth, peace and confidence ~ and equal parts doubt, confusion, fear, anxiety, angst to counteract them. All of this leaves me sad, tired, shaken, uncertain...

    So...thank you for shining the light of hope and faith as I seek to live with an open heart from my authentic soul.

  2. Graciel, while you are reaching for the sun and telling yourself not to give up or shut down and adamantly NOT indulging in the dark side of your nature, you shining your bright light on everyone else. It is amazing how someone can be walking through the trial, and at the same time, beckoning all those walking behind her to find the HIGH ROAD through it together. You are amazing.
    I see you with your little red shoes on, stamping a foot at yourself now and again, taking a deep breath and marching right up that hill, with determination and GRACE.

  3. Anonymous3/28/2009

    yes. Yes. YES.

  4. I remember the temptation to think too far ahead, to borrow trouble from tomorrow. I would remind myself, "one foot in front of the other." You make each day's decisions when they need to be made, and turn by turn one day you reach the end of the valley.

  5. I love the line, "I want you to have faith that your life and the life of those you love are held with reverence in the palm of God's hand."

    Thanks, Graciel. It has helped me to hear that today. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day.


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