Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Color Week~ Yellow & Orange

prayer flag, laughing Buddha

safe on the sofa, resting Buddha

yellow fruit; istanbul

wild cherry; orange

my oma's last daffodils

 wish-they-were-edible; orange begonias

For more Color Week photos, visit Curious Girl and wander down her side-bar blog roll.


  1. The things you choose to represent all these colors tells a lot about you, Graciel. I'm loving this rainbow of you. Hope you are having a good week. :)

  2. love your orange and yellow. and i have that same that funky music. haha! loved seeing that!

  3. love the Buddha/Buddha...and yes, orange sherbet creamsicle edible...beautiful.

  4. Love the daffs...perfect orange/yellow mix!

  5. Such a cool eclectic mix of orange and yellow!

  6. I like your yellows and oranges! Isn't it interesting how you start to notice the multitude of shades of these colors when you put the photos side by side...

  7. those begonias with their tinge of buttery yellow DO look yummy. like a sorbet i want to eat right now! fun!

  8. Happy Buddha laughter to you! What a fun post although I am trying to figure out exactly how those bananas are hung, and man, that sounds so bad! LOL!

    Give the resting buddha a little touch on the nose for me. :)


  9. These are awesome oranges :-) Totally love the prayer flag and Play That Funky Music!

  10. thank you very much. i now have the song stuck in my head. probably for the next three days!!!


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