Saturday, May 22, 2010

Color Week~ Multi

colors to smoke; istanbul

oma's bookcase


big paw, little paw; gypsy king and stray


  1. Anonymous5/22/2010

    Beautiful colors. Great photos.

  2. i really need to get to istanbul...what a magical colorful land. thank you for sharing it again and again and again. every time i see one of your images, i am flown away on a magic carpet! i hope you brought those bowls home with you, they are stunning.

    thank you my friend for bringing your beautiful color to my life!

  3. Anonymous5/22/2010

    It has been one long week for me and catching up with your color week has been very theraputic. I especially am feeling the "Softness and Sunshine" post. Your loving-kindness shines through.

  4. I think multi was my favorite of all, Graciel! Such splendor. I enjoyed all your colors. It's amazing the emotions color can make you feel. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Aaah, Istanbul, so much colour and beauty there - magical city! The coloured glass everywhere especially just captivated me. Did you go to the summer palace and see the chandeliers brought from all around the world but the sultan of the day? If not, next time you're there... I think you'd love it :)

    Thank you for sharing all the lovely colour in your world this week - such a treat!

  6. Anonymous5/22/2010

    I am LOVING these posts! You are sooooo wonderful at expressing each color and putting them together in a rich, lovely way.

    Thank you for blessing our lives with your talents and allowing us to see with your eyes as you glimpse our world.


    p.s. Although I am a strong, dark coffee woman in the morning ~ Earl Grey tea is one of my all-time favorites. Yay!

  7. Beautiful...grey, white and a wonderful rainbow...where do you find all the trillium?
    Love the cupola, the grey with windows, and Earl Grey, he and I go way back...

  8. Love love love that first picture! I adore jewel tones with gold.

    It's been a joy seeing your images this week, thank you. :)

  9. the dishes and the glass bottles are fantastic. (and i love the kitty too!)

  10. Oh what lovely colors! The dishes are divine!

  11. Anonymous5/23/2010

    Smokin' colours!

  12. Hi Graciel, sorry I couldn'f follow your colourweek each day. But I'm catching up right now with everybody. Love your pics. It's as if you're taking me all over the globe to have peeks here and there.
    You've done well on colour but even more so on surprising us with all the beauty you've capture with your wonderful eye.
    Happy sunday. Hugs Dagmar


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