Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Color Week~ Blue

vintage apron, feline pocket

protection against the evil eye

 blue jeans; wishing felines fit in pocket

 smoke shop on the Rez

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  1. that apron is priceless...and no, there are never enough, big enough pockets, are there?:)
    And no one would ever dare give you the evil eye...but I love the shot!

  2. Great blue jeans and kitties! Happy Bluesday!

  3. Meegan, Blue Moon Mama5/18/2010

    I'm so in love with blue lately. I wonder what that means? Love your photos particularly the jeans and kitties photo. I'm wishing for a cat at the moment which is one of the reasons I"m stopping in here today. I wanted to look at your kitty photos again ;).

    Hope all is well with you!

  4. you are going to need some awfully big pockets to carry all the kitties you love!

    (word verification is 'catrisco')

  5. That's crazy. My daughter has the very same piece of blue glass. Incidentally, she would also love the kitty pocket on your apron. It's really cute.

  6. awww . . . kitties and blue. 2 of my favorite things. Me especially loving that b&w kitty.


  7. Protection of the evil eye? Hmm, the eye itself scared me for a second ;-) Anyway, great pictures!

  8. Karin~ the glass amulet is seen everywhere, and I mean everywhere, in Istanbul. Hotels, restaurants, stores, homes. I had to bring some home from my trip, because really, evil eye or not, I figured I could use all the protection I could get.

    And it's quite a lovely shade of blue...

  9. Such pretty blues - I don't wear an apron but if I did, that would be a hard one to resist - so pretty those kitties!


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