Thursday, May 06, 2010

Another Helping Of Turkey

ferry launch at Buyukada, island off Istanbul

ferry ride approaching Istanbul

little shop of flowers

honey at the spice market

p.s. my newest 'follower' has a blog narrated by a
turkish cat living in america.
it's a rambling narrative that gives you some idea
of what it is like to be a street cat in turkey.


  1. oh that last picture looks like George! all those cats, my heart would break. I went to visit the blog with the narrating cat...oh gosh.
    so we are pretty close to each other...someday, tea, and rain, and all the problems of the world...

  2. i love how the cats all hang together. loyalty.

  3. I've been away and played catch-up this evening, looking through all your recent photos. What a glorious time!

  4. Uhhh as always lovely shots Graciel. Did you pack any of that gorgious sun with you in your suitecase? If so, blow it out here please (it's to darn cold).

    I'll bett if you could take all those cats home with you you would have. ;-)

    And the window of the flowershop is just calling you in...
    Hugs Dagmar


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